Speech 1 Innovative China?

China is currently the world's manufacturing powerhouse. It is not only a (relatively) low-cost manufacturing country, China is transitioning towards higher value-offerings. In this speech Prof. Georges Haour delves into this momentous transition. He debunks some of the views on innovation in China, draws the historical tradition to describe the current framework conditions. Finally he describes how China is likely to become a vibrant innovation.

Speech 2 The Transition towards a Green Economy

With traditional policies we cannot solve the huge global problems such as scarcity of resources, global warming and biodiversity. Instead we need transition management. This means that we move away from a sector approach focussing on individual companies to processes of change at product- and system level. All actors (government, industry, civil society and knowledge institutes) should be actively involved and take their own responsibility. The speech of Prof. dr. Jacqueline Cramer will address the Dutch experiences with transition management on the basis of practical examples.

Speech 3 The Unlikely Entrepreneur: Social Innovation as a driver of inner city regeneration

In her speech Beverley Hurley CBE MSc explores how the social need of overcoming the challenges of financial and social exclusion that typify many inner city areas across the world can be addressed through cross-sector collaboration, funding and innovative engagement and entrepreneurship learning processes. The lives of individuals who live in deprived communities can be transformed through social innovation in action, contributing to more inclusive and sustainable cities.

Speech 4 Smart Sustainable Cities – Rapid Developments Required

The prove of man-made influence on CO2-emissions and its impact on climate change has made it painfully clear that we need to implement concrete action programs. Specifically in the built environment an enormous potential for improvement is available. The development of economically sound Net Zero Energy Building renovations in recent years in the Netherlands illustrates this. But Smart Sustainable Cities require more than just energy neutral houses. In this presentation Ivo Opstelten will give an overview on the recent advancements and the development of the Centre of Expertise Smart Sustainable Cities, between partners in the region of Utrecht.

Final speech Sustainable Buildings: One Planet Architecture

For years, Thomas Rau has contributed to national and international discussions about sustainability. He is promoting the use of renewable energy in the built environment and seeks to address the increasing worldwide resource scarcity. Rau argues that our so-called energy problem can be addressed, because there is more than enough energy from renewable sources. It’s our attitude that fails us in this regard and our unwillingness to fully embrace renewable energy in its various forms. Rau isn’t afraid to confront his listeners with challenges for tomorrow. He uses his enthusiasm, energy and humour to persuade us to take action, keeping everyone at the edge of their seats.