The conference programme covers eight parallel sessions, focussing on a wide range of topics and led by prominent experts. Each session includes five presentations. On each day of the conference, participants can opt to participate in one of the four sessions. Please familiarize yourself with the content of the sessions, by reading about the presentations below before making your choices.

Session 1 Upscaling

1-P1 Chances and barriers for passive house renovations

1-P2 Upscaling of energy zero renovation

1-P3 Method and instruments to ensure optimal performance

1-P4 Net Zero Energy projects in the Netherlands

1-P5 Fail factors for market expansion

Session 2 Governance

2-P1 Facility managers and BIM

2-P2 Municipalities and citizen-participation in Zero Transition

2-P3 Innovative solutions with 3D and BIM-GIS

2-P4 Education model based on the building life cycle

2-P5 Stepping Stones on the path to Net Zero Energy

Session 3 Small urban area

3-P1 Demolition waste re-used in urban area development

3-P2 Renovation processes in urban area transitions

3-P3 Energy efficiency in European ‘district of future’

3-P4 Energy transition embattled by HEI education

3-P5 Sustainable city from a Buddhist perspective

Session 4 Circular processes

4-P1 The business value of a circular economy

4-P2 Holistic refurbishment of a Sparkasse Gross-Umstadt

4-P3 Circular facades: design and evaluation

4-P4 Self-reliance in rural sub-Saharan Africa

4-P5 Zero emission and zero waste in the construction sector

Session 5 Upscaling

5-P1 Improve energy performance with ACCEPT

5-P2 Building monitoring in renovation projects

5-P3 Business opportunities of 2ndSkin refurbishment

5-P4 Improving labour productivity with NetZero energy housing

5-P5 Key elements in the process of NET-ZERO concepts

Session 6 Governance

6-P1 Future proof urban water management

6-P2 Local water and energy solutions – Showcase ‘De Ceuvel’

6-P3 Principles and practice of Zero Energy Buildings

6-P4 Environment integrated into urban planning

6-P5 Voluntary programs for low-carbon cities

Session 7 European projects

7-P1 Refurb

7-P2 Build Upon

7-P3 More-Connect

7-P4 Cohereno

7-P5 Susreg