Students Event

The Young Professionals Event & the Transition Zero Award
The conference programme includes a special session (Session 8) for students on 8 April: the Young Professionals Event (YPE). In a battle, students from Universities of Applied Sciences will present bright solutions in the context of Transition Zero and compete for the Transition Zero Award, that will be presented at the main stage of this international conference. The winning team will receive this great honourable prize.

Target audience

  • Student groups consisting of at least four persons and studying at a University of Applied Sciences (in Dutch: hogeschool).
  • Students from abroad are explicitly invited to submit their projects. 
  • The challenge is, by its nature, particularly suitable for multidisciplinary student groups. 

The challenge
The scope of the challenge is the renovation of an urban area (a building, a block, a street or a district) into an energy neutral area in 2030, while addressing technical, physical, social, cultural, health and economic factors.

Selection panel
The selection panel will be made up of several experts in the field of sustainable built environment:

  • Laure Itard (chairman), professor in Energy and the Built Environment at the Hague University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands.
  • Maurice van Rooijen, Innovation strategist at Movares, the leading railway consultancy and engineering firm in the Netherlands, and founder of Jonge Geesten®, an agency that focuses on co-creation with different generations.
  • Jan Willem van de Groep, one of the Netherlands leading fossil energy initiators: ARXlabs, Factor Zero and Energiesprong.

Programme (= Session 8) (at HU Vergadercentrum Domstad)

09.45 - 10.00 h Introduction
Christoph Maria Ravesloot and Talitha Muusse
10.00 - 10.20 h Transition Utrecht-Zuid to Zero Energy & Implementation report Go Zero
Team 1 & Team 2
10.20 - 10.45 h Development plan project Ruzafa Valencia & Advice report for renovation DUWO Building TU Delft
Team 3 & Team 4
10.45 - 10.55 h Project Vrieheide Heerlen
Team 5
10.55 - 11.05 h Short break
11.10 - 11.40 h Questions and plenary discussion
11.40 - 11.55 h Wrap-up and first reaction jury
11.55 - 12.00 h Conclusion
12.05 - 13.10 h Lunch
(With poster gallery of student projects)
14.00 - 14.30 h Presentation of the Transition Zero Award & the Audience Award
Maurice van Rooijen and Talitha Muusse