Plenary slides

Pre-Programme 6 April
A new local energy and mobility-system
For the most recent information on the development of the Utrecht Central Station Area check
Smart Sustainable Districts; Utrecht The New Centre

Programme 7 April
Introduction by conference chair Frits Verheij
Net Zero Housing Labelling – The Canadian Experience

Climate neutral urban intervention, from theory to prototype and production - 15 years of the ‘ZEDfactory
The magic number: zero
Introduction to the Scientific programme SBE16

Programma 8 April
SBE16 in perspective & Reflections on COP21 by Wim Bakens
SBE16 in perspective & Reflections on COP21 by Nils Larsson
Introduction by conference chair Jacqueline Cramer
From optimisation to transformation

Session slides

Session 1 Upscaling
1-P1 Chances and barriers for passive house renovations
1-P2 Upscaling of energy zero renovation
1-P3 Method and instruments to ensure optimal performance
1-P4 Net Zero Energy projects in the Netherlands coming soon
1-P5 Fail factors for market expansion

Session 2 Governance
2-P1 Facility managers and BIM
2-P2 Municipalities and citizen-participation in Zero Transition
2-P3 Innovative solutions with 3D and BIM-GIS
2-P4 Education model based on the building life cycle
2-P5 Stepping Stones on the path to Net Zero Energy

Session 3 Small urban area
3-P1 Demolition waste re-used in urban area development
3-P2 Renovation processes in urban area transitions
3-P3 Energy efficiency in European ‘district of future’
3-P4 Energy transition embattled by HEI education
3-P5 Sustainable city from a Buddhist perspective

Session 4 Circular Processes
4-P1 The business value of a circular economy
4-P2 Holistic refurbishment of a Sparkasse Gross-Umstadt
4-P3 Circular facades: design and evaluation
4-P4 Self-reliance in rural sub-Saharan Africa
4-P5 Zero emission and zero waste in the construction sector

Session 5 Upscaling
5-P1 Improve energy performance with ACCEPT
5-P2 Building monitoring in renovation projects coming soon
5-P3 Business opportunities of 2ndSkin refurbishment
5-P4 Improving labour productivity with NetZero energy housing
5-P5 Key elements in the process of NET-ZERO concepts

Session 6 Governance
6-P2 Local water and energy solutions – Showcase ‘De Ceuvel’
6-P3 Principles and practice of Zero Energy Buildings
6-P4 Environment integrated into urban planning
6-P5 Voluntary programs for low-carbon cities

Session 7 European projects
7-P1 Refurb
7-P2 Build Upon
7-P3 More-Connect
7-P4 Cohereno
7-P5 Susreg
7-P6 Aimes